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Dementia Friendly Rossendale / Medequip Partnership

Medequip is working in partnership with Dementia Friendly Rossendale to run a campaign to encourage businesses in Rossendale, East Lancashire to become more dementia friendly.

There are 3 primary goals...

  • To raise awareness of dementia in our community.
  • Provide access to further learning and understanding about living with dementia.
  • To inspire Rossendale residents to create projects and actions that will ensure people living with Dementia feel included.

We have designed and printed information leaflets that provide businesses with information they need in order to take the necessary steps to become a more dementia friendly organisation.

Two-thirds of people with dementia live in the community. Many rely on retail services to maintain their independence and a good quality of life. Others just like going shopping, and want to be able to continue to do so for as long as possible. They may do this independently, or with their families or carers. However, they cannot do this without us making it easier for them.

We have also developed window acetates that will be presented to businesses as an accreditation of their efforts to become more dementia friendly. You can get involved and display the sign below. Dementia Friendly Rossendale will commit to providing Dementia Friends session to a group of your employees and will help you with an environmental audit to check where dementia friendly improvements could be made to your premises and processes.

If you would like to get involved you can contact Dementia Friendly Rossendale:
Twitter: @DementiaRoss


Medequip Outlines Intention to Diversify Into Complementary Sectors

Far from being trophies to collect for the cabinet, industry accreditations are highly sought after certificates that represent a commitment to standards, which in the healthcare and mobility sector, is especially important. Medequip was duly pleased therefore when it recently secured corporate accreditation for each of its community equipment services from CECOPS, the user-led independent certification and standards body, whose job is to raise the standard of all assistive technology related services across the UK.

Aside from the prestige that comes with the accreditation from CECOPS, the achievement places Medequip in a stronger position during the tendering process for community equipment contracts. Therefore, along with the various ISO accreditations the company has achieved for a number of years, the importance of Medequip’s most recent milestone, and its significance for the business, should not be underestimated.

The accreditation was not gleaned overnight however, and Medequip has undergone evolution and change to bring it to the position it currently sits at. Instrumental in leading some of the most recent developments, head of safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) and governance, Marie Martinalli, says that various improvement projects across the business have demanded hard work, time and resources. Building on the groundwork laid out by her predecessor, Martinalli says the team has spent time to ensure the systems at each of Medequip’s depots are lined up so that processes and procedures across the portfolio mirror each other. Consistency, she says, has been key to corporate accreditation.

“Some things are slightly different at certain sites because they are contract based. But to be fair, we’ve traditionally been quite consistent. I think the thing that’s made it easier for us, from a SHEQ point of view, is the internal audits that we do. Our internal audits are the same across every single depot and they look to make sure that everybody is following the same procedures and policies. And our audits have strengthened so they’re not just looking at what we do as a company, but they also consider all the relevant accreditations. We look at everything surrounding ISO 14001 (environment management), 9001 (quality management), 18001 (health and safety) and we’re now going for our ISO 27001 (information security).”

Because Medequip’s audits pull on clauses from across various accreditations, including CECOPS, it has made it easier to apply a comprehensive strategy across each depot and ensure each one is benchmarked the same. It seems that being proactive has been a core reason for Medequip gaining its latest accreditation and scrambling around weeks before an audit to get things in order simply will not cut it.

But it is also important for organisations to work closely alongside the awarding bodies and know inside out the clauses they are working to. Only looking inwardly is not enough and Martinalli explains that open and frequent communication and engagement with CECOPS was pivotal when working towards corporate accreditation. Regular meetings and conversing even when an audit was not going on helped build an ethos of two bodies working in partnership and looking at evidence in unison.

It is clear then that a lot of thought went into Medequip’s strategy for gaining its latest certificate and the benefits for the company are evident. Better standards should mean a better experience for the service-user which should theoretically improve business. But what does Medequip’s milestone mean for the rest of the industry?

Martinalli comments: “As an industry, I think it opens up opportunities for other organisations, including our competitors, and spurs them to go for the same thing. That’s going to be good for the service-user and that’s what we’re all here for at the end of the day. When we are going into partnership on tenders with other companies, it makes it easier for us if they’ve got a corporate accreditation as well, so that’s an incentive and opportunity.”

But the industry still has a way to go before standards are satisfactory across the board. Martinalli thinks the extent to which the industry must improve differs from on provider to the next, depending on what kind of foundation they have. She adds that as a company, Medequip likes to think that it is “quite open” and happy to advise and support other organisations, so long as there is not a conflict of interest, to help raise standards. She admits however, that companies can be limited by their resources and Medequip has been fortunate to have the financial muscle to be able to really invest in its accreditations.

Martinalli adds: “It’s also about having the right skill set and people; especially people with experience of audits because if we weren’t able to do the appropriate internal audits in the first place and be proactive then we probably wouldn’t be where we are now.”

For a £160m business, you could rightly expect investment to be made in areas such as recruitment and improvement projects, but it is the level of detail that Medequip has gone to that really impresses.

Staff training has been a core part of the business’s development and it continues to refine its training to the extent that staff are learning to train others. What’s more, the company ensures that each staff member really understands the accreditations and audits themselves and encourages them to become involved.

Martinalli says: “Staff involvement is key. We have an initiative called Eureka where staff put ideas forward to make changes to systems and processes. Take GDPR for example. Because of the legislative changes we had to think about what was best for our service-users, so that even included changing the users’ names on equipment receipts to a reference number. It’s small changes that make an impact on the service user.”

Approaching and adapting to the market

While the corporate CECOPS accreditation and ISO stamps spell good news for Medequip, like any firm in the business of providing community equipment, there are common challenges it must overcome. A particularly topical issue is that of timescales and waiting times, which are a key concern for everyone in the supply chain, from CCG, to provider and ultimately the service-user. Where timescales are concerned, Martinalli says that Medequip works “extremely hard” and that with each contract while the CCG sets out KPIs, the provider has its own internal KPIs that are raised slightly higher.

“The expectation is always slightly higher with regards to what our staff need to meet and achieve so we try and over deliver. We’ve been making some really good process with regards to delivery times and that side of things with the business improvement team, particularity with software and the way we do our routing for equipment deliveries so that they are more streamlined. The service-user isn’t waiting all day for a piece of equipment. We also have a profit and performance related bonus scheme for staff and the KPIs are integrated into that. We consider mentality, enthusiasm and compassion in staff during the recruitment process so staff know the impact of their work on the service-user.”

Aside from time constraints, Nigel Cook, director of HR and SHEQ, says that customer expectations, not just on Medequip, but on everyone in the sector, are becoming greater. Customers are expecting more in terms of cost, quality and service, Cook feels, meaning providers are essentially expected to do more for less. Naturally, this means efficiencies are increasingly important.

A difficult correlation of CCG budgets tightening while both expectations and the number of service-users increase, means that Medequip, like its competitors, must make efficiency a priority. Cook explains: “The way most organisations will approach it is to become more efficient to keep costs down in order to offer the service at the price the customer wants. In days gone by, when you did a tender, it was heavily weighted towards quality. The emphasis now hasn’t moved away from that, but certainly cost is becoming much more of a consideration. Within the business for example, we’ve got, in the broadest possible sense, a number of improvement projects ranging from operational efficiencies, system improvements and people development. The projects are centred on service delivery and cost efficiencies.”

While CCGs are naturally placing more focus on cost during the tendering process, each one operates independently and so providers have to remain flexible. Martinalli says that each tender’s requirements vary and more of them are now focusing on service-user engagement, which is something Medequip is aiming to respond to. For example, the provider is looking at using service-user forums which would mean greater feedback and input from end-users.

Cook adds that commissioners now look for service improvements at either the same cost or service improvements at a reduced cost: “Those improvements can be in any number of areas. Things like speed of delivery and so on. When we’re tendering, not only are we competing against our traditional competitors. There are other people entering the healthcare market, for example Virgin and others that are logistics driven, like Amazon, and they’re a potential risk to any business in the sector.”

But how far can a company like Amazon, arguably a logistics firm at heart, compete with established equipment providers that invest as heavily as they do in the service-user experience? While companies like Amazon may be perceived as ‘box shifters’ by some observers, the efficiencies they can offer can be attractive. Cook says that companies like Amazon do not have the experience of reverse logistics and the re-cycling of equipment required by the NHS neither do they have ethos required in the care sector to deal with vulnerable people with complex medical needs.

In the interest of driving efficiencies however, providers like Medequip cannot simply keep bringing costs down indefinitely and remain sustainable. So what else can organisations do to get an edge on their competitors when tendering?

Cook comments: “It comes back to your service delivery but also what you can add back. There’s a bigger emphasis on that so that’s how you gain an edge. You can gain an edge by being cheaper but you gain another edge by offering capability that other organisations don’t have. Social value is one example. We would say that our IT system is added value compared to other organisations. It is about the way you go about things and the organisation as a whole and how it delivers efficiency and what developments it has ahead of it.”

Embracing change

Having achieved the corporate accreditation it set out for, Medequip’s sights are now set on further developing the business as much as possible and placing itself in a strong position for when more tendering opportunities inevitably arise.

Martinalli says that on the accreditation side of things, Medequip is targeting ISO 27001, which relates to new GDPR regulations, as well as CECOPS approval for its wheelchair service in Suffolk. Aside from accreditation, Medequip’s natural goals moving forward will be winning more tenders but the two go hand-in-hand. Martinalli says that having robust systems in place already puts the business in a better position for getting more accreditations and therefore tenders.

The company will also be looking to diversify reveals Cook. He says: “We’ve traditionally focused on community equipment services and we’ve recognised that while there are still opportunities there, as an organisation, if we want to continue to grow then we need to diversify. We’re not looking to diversify in completely different areas but instead looking at areas you would regard as complementary and a natural fit. We’re looking at how we might re-enter wheelchair services, telecare and other primary areas. The business is looking at other things strategically that we haven’t yet got involved with but are complementary to what we do.”

Finally, Medequip’s recent partnership with Cefndy Healthcare in Wales hints at scope for more partnerships on certain tenders. In today’s industry, companies must be prepared to compromise and work together on contracts and when the tendering opportunity came up in South Wales, Cook says it suited both parties.

He concludes: “Cefndy had the local knowledge and sheltered workshop experience, we had the logistics expertise, systems and processes. Both companies thought it would be advantageous to local residents that we work together rather than try and tender separately for the work. And obviously Medequip wasn’t widely known in Wales. For us it was partly a strategic opportunity to gain a foothold in Wales.”

It is evident that Medequip is continually looking to diversify and evolve to stay ahead of the game. This has meant being proactive, flexible and open to change, which for one of the larger organisations in the sector, is admirable. More importantly though, its strategy for attention to detail, staff involvement and pursuit of approval from industry bodies, is setting a positive example for similar companies. While it admittedly has much greater resources than smaller firms who might be competing for contracts, lessons can nevertheless be taken from its model.

If these lessons can help to raise standards and drive efficiency across the whole industry, then not only will service-users benefit, but the most innovative and responsible providers will reap the rewards. That can only be a positive direction for the sector to move in in what are very challenging times.


New GDPR regulations that came into force in May saw businesses across every sector scrambling around to comply. For Medequip, which serves and holds the data for more than 14m people in the UK, the new legislation was a major consideration.

Head of SHEQ and governance, Marie Martinalli, explains that Medequip placed itself in an “ideal situation” by strategizing its information governance (IG). Adopting the NHS IG Tool Kit has made the transition to the new legislation easier and it recently recruited an experienced new IG officer.

Martinalli explains: “We’ve got a very detailed plan and we achieved what we wanted to by the deadline. The other thing is we had so much board level support and it was a focus every single month for the board. We started preparations in March 2017 and ran a whole training programme for staff including cleaners, even though they don’t see or touch personal data.”

But she admits that GDPR compliance has been harder for smaller independent companies that do not have the resources or systems to implement the necessary changes effectively. She says that many smaller businesses are still paper based and do not have the necessary governance arrangements, adding that the Information Commissioner’s Office could do more in this respect.

Developing expertise in retail

Mobility retail is a growing market. Medequip’s Manage@Home arm is primed to capitalise on the increasing online spend of the consumer in this sector. Cook says retail has grown from nothing to £1.5m in just 5 years.

“The retail side was a market that Medequip entered as it realised alternative routes to market were required and it offered an added value opportunity to its core operations. We have a retail facility in every depot contributing to social value and our offering to the customer.”


Medequip is the first company to gain corporate CECOPS accreditation


Medequip Assistive Technology is the leading provider of Community Equipment Services to local authorities and the NHS across the UK, delivering a wide range of equipment and support to people in their own homes, keeping them safe and independent for longer.

As one of the largest equipment providers in the UK and operating out of 19 specially adapted depots across the country covering a population of more than 14.5million people, Medequip want to lead the way in best practice and ensuring the highest quality of service to our customers and service users alike.

As part of our service strategy we worked closely with CECOPS to ensure our operating processes were industry leading and putting us ahead of the game in our industry sector.

Nigel Cook, Director of HR, SHEQ and Governance said CECOPS have helped Medequip meet and exceed customer expectations whilst always maintaining the Company ethos of putting the end user at the heart of what we do.

CECOPS CEO, Brian Donnelly, says CECOPS is the gold standard for quality in the assistive technology space. We are delighted that Medequip has achieved corporate accreditation for all of their community equipment contracts. Their commitment to quality was evident and they have worked incredibly hard throughout the process.


Staffordshire County Show 2018

Medequip exhibition unit at Staffordshire County Show 2018

On Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st May, Joe Woodvine & Alex Roberts attended the Staffordshire County Show, using our exhibition unit to promote Medequip’s services and retail offering. We were supported by Lizzie Strandring and Jemma Dennehy from the Staffordshire Customer Service Team, to help us promote and hero the great work we do with the local service offering of the Community Equipment Loan Service.

Day one, the weather wasn’t on our side, with periods of rain, but footfall was still strong, where we spoke to over 50 people - all receiving a copy of the new Manage At Home catalogue and retail leaflets to signpost the retail shop within the Stafford Depot. We had a good mix of daily living aids to demonstrate, which were also available for purchase. We also promoted our ‘Show Special” – the Breville Hot Cup Kettle – a product that enables people to make a hot drink without the need to lift or over fill their cup. Free with the kettle, included, tea bags, chocolate treats, a Medequip mug and soft toy.

Day two, the weather improved significantly and was hot and sunny day for the majority. Footfall was much stronger and we spoke to over 80 people. People were in good spirits and many of our service users were in attendance, enjoying the show – with great feedback of our services within Staffordshire. One lady and her daughter were extremely thankful for all the support and speedy delivery of equipment they had received for her late husband and couldn’t thank us enough!

We spoke to Staffordshire Carers Hub, who were more than happy to take our literature and copies of the new Manage At Home catalogues to signpost people back to Medequip. Product sales for day one, totalled £20, which included; a Helping Hand reacher, leg lifter, sock aid and tablet splitter.

Day two sales were much better at £189, which included; a can pull, large pill box, universal jar opener and the sale of a ‘Show Special’ wheelchair, which was closed by Lizzie Strandring, who has arranged for delivery direct to the customers home.

Our usual free walking aid checks were available, where we conducted over 10 checks and issued a free replacement ferrule.

We also raised money for the Alzheimer’s Society, which consisted of general donations and those who donated to receive a wooden walking stick, cut to size and a free ferrule. In total, £53.68 was raised.

Overall, a positive two days, showcasing the great work we have been doing in Staffordshire from the equipment loan service, that we pride our self on, to our competitive retail offering of products available from Manage At Home to fulfil our core company ethos – keeping people independent for longer.

Sheep at Staffordshire County Show 2018


Raising £4500 for Alzheimer's Society

Our amazing team of Mede-Mudders have hit their target of raising £4500 for Alzheimer's Society – Brilliant performance Guys and Girls! Thank you to all involved.


Mede-Mudders: Andrew Firth, Asif Khan, Ben Williams, Dariusz Bzducha, David Gardner, David Pope, Hayley Wilson, Jamie Welland, Jessica Sandy, Michaela Harris, Ryan Duxbury, Samrawi Tesfay


Dementia Action Week (21st May – 27th May 2018)

Dementia Action Week

In the UK, one person develops dementia every three minutes. Yet too many people living with dementia face the condition alone and excluded from society. Medequip have taken steps to create awareness amongst our staff to improve our understanding of dementia and the effects dementia has on family members and sufferers. We already have over 150 Dementia Friends within the business and we have a rolling program of Dementia Friend’s training sessions all our staff are encouraged to attend.

To date we have raised over £20,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society through various activities including car boot sales, bake sales, sponsored walks and sky dives!!

Monday 21 May - Sunday 27 May is Dementia Action Week and we have plenty going on to create awareness of the condition and support our nominated charity partner, Alzheimer’s Society. During Dementia Action Week we will be attending a number of events across the country to showcase some of our daily living aids that can help someone living with dementia.

Monday 21st May

  • Best Practice in Dementia Conference Council House Derby, Corporation Street, DE1 2FS ( – 4.30 pm)
  • Good Hope Hospital, Rectory Rd, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B75 7RR (10am-3pm)

Tuesday 22nd May

  • Lancashire Dementia Hub - Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH (1pm – 5pm)
  • London Road Community Hospital - London Rd, Derby DE1 2QY (9.30 – 3pm)

Wednesday 23rd May

  • Derby City Dementia Support Service The Polish Club, Kedleston Road, Derby, DE22 1GU (10am – 2pm)

Thursday 24th May

  • Kirklees Dementia Hub/Age UK - Yorkshire Children’s Centre, Brian Jackson House, New North Parade, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP (1.00pm – 3.30pm)
  • Older Adults Conference Aging Well Birmingham Birmingham City Football Club, St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham, B9 4RL (9am – 3pm)
  • Age Concern Birmingham 76-78 Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 5TJ (From 2pm)

Friday 25th May

  • Erewash Dementia Information event –Charnos Hall, Ilkeston Community Hospital (10am – 2pm)

Introducing Cefndy-Medequip

Cefndy-Medequip Logo

We embrace change and seek to achieve excellence

Medequip has branched out and is now working in Newport, Wales! Our first community equipment services contract outside England went live on the 1 April 2018. The Newport depot has a great staff team and as a ‘sheltered’ service provider, around 30% of the employees have learning or physical disabilities. This is a huge change for Medequip which we have embraced wholeheartedly by partnering with Cefndy Healthcare, who are dedicated to the task of creating meaningful, well paid employment for disabled members of the community, through achieving financial viability for its business and any associated social enterprise initiatives.

Medequip and Cefndy have worked together for 25 years; we work on tenders/contracts together and have a sound supplier/customer relationship. This partnership will allow us to widen our geographic coverage of Wales as Medequip and Cefndy are keen to roll this operating model out more widely, providing a unique selling point for both businesses who feel strongly about helping individuals to remain independent for as long as possible, whether that be in the community or in employment.

Cefndy and Medequip have formed a Consortium (aptly named Cefndy-Medequip) to provide this exciting and innovative solution for Gwent Wide Integrated Community Equipment Service (GWICES). The Consortium uses the positive disabled employment experience and Community Equipment Service (CES) product manufacturing capabilities of Cefndy and the extensive CES and logistics solutions experience of Medequip.

The GWICES partnership which consists of the five Gwent Local Authorities and Aneurin Bevan University Health Board look forward to working closely with Cefndy-Medquip in providing a top class service to the service users and patients of the Gwent area.

Please join us in wishing all the staff at our Newport depot all the best for the launch and continued operations of excellence conducted by the Cefndy-Medequip team.


3 Activities to Help Prevent Dementia

Manage At Home - Your Online Medequip Retail Store has published an article: 3 Activities to Change Your Daily Routine and Prevent Dementia

A growing number of people in the UK are suffering from dementia. According to statistics, there are 850,000 people with dementia in the country, and the numbers are expected to rise to over one million by 2025. This terminal condition is now the most common cause of death among women in the UK. Scientists have yet to find a cure for this cognitive disorder, but the good news is that there are things that you can do to prevent dementia or lessen the risks of having it. Some of these activities won’t only prevent you from developing dementia, but doing them can even change up your daily routine and enrich your life

To read the full article written by Jane Sandwood for Manage At Home, please visit the Manage At Home Blog.


Prompt Payment Code Approval

Medequip has received Prompt Payment Code approval administered by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Prompt Payment Code Approved Signatory

The Prompt Payment Code (PPC) sets standards for payment practices and best practice and is administered by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. Compliance with the principles of the Code is monitored and enforced by the Prompt Payment Code Compliance Board. The Code covers prompt payment, as well as wider payment procedures. -


Equipment Recycling – A Partnership Story

Medequip – as the UK’s largest provider of Community Equipment Services is very proud of our efforts to maximise recycling and reuse equipment. Over 90% of equipment collected back from our clients is cleaned, repaired, re-packed and reused.

Sometimes we do have products that are not able to be recycled for contractual reasons, and we therefore aim to find alternate uses for these items if at all possible, only diverting to material reclamation as a last resort.

One example of this is our partnership working with Brighter Future in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. We work with them by providing equipment we can no longer use, but which they can re-build or salvage for parts in their workshop which employs young people with disabilities. They are an award winning social enterprise charity - that has been awarded The Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development and this year winners of the 2017 MRW National Recycling Awards Waste for “Electrical and Electronic Equipment Innovation” and winners of the 2017 North West Enterprise Awards for "Best Disability Aids & Equipment Recycling".

Read more about Brighter Futures here:


Dementia Awareness Week: 15-20 May 2017

The Medequip promotions team will have their busiest ever week during Dementia Awareness Week commencing on 15th May.

Let's Unite for Dementia Awareness Week

This Dementia Awareness Week we are supporting the Alzheimer’s Society campaign to unite against dementia, by promoting awareness through using our exhibition unit and pop-up table top information point across 5 of our contract areas at 6 different events.

Our week starts at the Anne Marie Howes Centre in Birmingham. (339 Sheldon Heath Rd, Birmingham B26 2DS) where we have a table-top information point providing advice on equipment that can help those suffering from dementia.

On Tuesday, our exhibition unit will be at Mickleover Golf Club which is hosting a dementia conference, hosted by Derby Teaching hospitals and NCORE, the National Centre of Rehabilitation Education.

On Wednesday – we will be at Royal Derby Hospital main entrance with the exhibition unit and simultaneously supporting an awareness event at Derby Heights Care Home in Littleover.

Thursday – sees the exhibition unit out for a 3rd consecutive day – this time Milen Care at Batley in Kirklees. Milen Care are hosting a Health Matters and Dementia awareness event – which will feature, benefits assessments, health checks advice and guidance. 20 different organisations with have stalls at this event.

To finish our support for Dementia Awareness Week we will take the exhibition unit to Endon Methodist Church in Stoke-on-Trent for the Approach Staffordshire event which is designed to highlight the support available locally.

Medequip Exhibition Unit

Medequip steps in to take back 82-year-old Frank Collins' hospital equipment

A pensioner is finally getting rid of mobility equipment cluttering his house – a year after his wife stopped needing it.

After hearing about Mr Collins’ predicament in the East London & West Essex Guardian, Medequip has offered to step in and save the day.

Operations manager at our Woodford Green depot Yasmeen Mian said: Mr Collins is only a five or ten-minute journey away from us but does not live in the borough that Medequip serve. However after someone at our head office flagged his case up to us we really felt for him - so as a goodwill gesture we would be more than happy to collect and recycle his equipment.

Frank Collins, 82, is finally getting rid of his unwanted mobility equipment

Read the article on the Guardian website.


Medequip wins largest Community Equipment Service contract in UK

Medequip are delighted to announce that we have won the London Consortium tender to retain our 17 borough Community Equipment Service Contract.

Since our first outsourced Community Equipment Services operation began in 1993 with Hillingdon, we are even more delighted to retain what is the longest outsourced Community Equipment Service in the UK. The new contract will commence on 1st April 2017 for a period of four years, with the opportunity to extend for a further two years.

On the 21st December 2016, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham confirmed that Medequip will continue to deliver Integrated Community Equipment Services, to supply, deliver, fit, adjust, service, collect, refurbish, recycle or dispose of items of Equipment requisitioned by authorised Prescribers on behalf of Service Users, for local Health and Social Care equipment Users across 17 London Boroughs.

The prior Framework was established by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 2010. The procurement process to commission the Integrated Community Equipment service began in January 2016, with the formal procurement process starting in September 2016.

In addition to the contracted services that form the Framework, Medequip will continue to further its commitment to local Social Values by providing 32 apprenticeship places over the duration of the Contract, as well as providing opportunities through local job centres, economic opportunities for local suppliers, and by providing a dedicated budget to local Councils for charity and fundraising events.


Equipment Reuse Statement

Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd deliver, install, collect service and decontaminate community equipment for our contracting customers, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities.

Medequip reuse in excess of 90% of equipment collected. We abide by very strict safety and cost protocols agreed with each NHS/local authority customer regarding the scrapping of equipment which includes full authorisation by the customer. In addition, the majority of our customers incorporate financial terms which proactively incentivise Medequip to reuse as much equipment as is possible.

Medequip will not reuse equipment that to the untrained eye looks in good condition if it represents a risk to our service users but we do re-use every piece of equipment where it is safe and economic to do so.



New Integrated Community Equipment Service contract for North Yorkshire

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract to provide the Community Equipment Service for North Yorkshire. The press announcement follows:

NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced today that a new service provider is set to deliver Integrated Community Equipment Services for local health and social care equipment users across North Yorkshire.

The project to commission a new Integrated Community Equipment service started in November 2015 when local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and North Yorkshire County Council joined forces to call for the opinions of local health and social care equipment users, members of the public and clinicians. The information collected from conversations, surveys and drop-in sessions was used to form the basis of developing the new service.

A formal procurement process to secure a new service provider for Integrated Community Equipment services was then undertaken. The provider has been confirmed as Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd. Commissioners look forward to working with the new provider in order to mobilise the new service, launching on the 1st December 2016.

Health and social care equipment includes a range of products to assist independent living at home including mobility and communication aids shower chairs, perching stools, kettle tippers and pressure relieving mattresses.

Andy Phillips, Head of Business Development for Medequip said: We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to provide the Integrated Community Equipment Service across North Yorkshire. As the leading provider of equipment services in the UK, Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd is well placed to deliver a highly efficient, cost effective service with courtesy and kindness, whilst helping to keep people independent for longer.

Dr Lorraine Boyd, a GP working in Easingwold, North Yorkshire said: Mobility and communication aids help to support adults and children to live independently at home and these items help massively to provide that independence which is important to so many people.

We have been able to commission services that have been driven by the needs of local service users and patients and I thank those members of the community who shared their views and worked with us to coproduce the specification for this new service contract.

Paul Cresswell, Assistant Director North Yorkshire County Council said: The need to be confident and comfortable in your own home is key to living a happy and fulfilled life. The provision of equipment supports people to continue to live independently in their own homes for as long as they are able. This new provision ensures North Yorkshire County Council can continue to promote and support people to be independent through an improved service.


NAEP Midlands Group at Medequip Stafford

Twelve members of the National Association of Equipment Providers recently met at Medequip Stafford depot reports the Equipment Services Journal this month.

Photo of the Medequip Mobile Exhibition Unit outside the Medequip Stafford Depot

Part of the meeting involved a tour of the depot and a viewing of Medequip’s impressive mobile exhibition unit. The ESJ reported:

We donned our coats and hi-vis jackets and ventured down to the enormous warehouse area for a presentation and tour of Medequip's mobile assessment unit by Andrew Pugh, the Exhibition Van Manager. Andrew is a trusted assessor and talks passionately about his role. He has a vast knowledge base with regard to all equipment and telecare.

Servicing a wide area of the organisation's catchment area, the mobile unit travels far and wide and is often sited at many of the county's large retail stores and at events around the county. This mobile unit is fully accessible and fully kitted out with an extensive range of equipment, web access, information and advice leaflets, catalogues, free ferrule checks and complete with a private consulting room. It is without doubt a very valuable asset to the organisation.

Gina Pritchett, Medequip Contract Manager for Stafford said; It was a pleasure to host the Midlands Regional Group NAEP meeting, and have the opportunity to show everyone our facilities including the largest warehouse in the Medequip group, our decontamination and equipment servicing facilities and our friendly customer service department. We hope to welcome the group again soon.


David Griffiths on the Naidex Community Equipment Summit Panel

Photo of the Naidex Summit Panel

The summit provides Community Equipment professionals a short, sharp forum to discuss the high level, burning issues affecting the delivery of services in the current challenging environment.

Medequip’s Managing Director - David Griffiths sat on the Naidex Community Equipment Summit panel discussing burning issues including:

  • Should the new goal of community equipment services be to encourage people towards self-funding and if so what can be done to help in this regard?
  • Will future increases in Better Care Fund money end up as a myth that never quite materialises?
  • Should training all Stakeholders, within the Adult Social Care & Primary Care system, on what Assistive Technology can do for independence be a central part of every workforce development plan?

Over 70 delegates attended the event.

Other panelists included:

  • Lee Davies – Director – Millbrook Healthcare
  • Julia Skelton – College of Occupational Therapists
  • Roy McNally - Development Manager, Foundations
  • Nathan Downing - Wolverhampton City Council & NDI Consulting
Photo of the Naidex Summit Audience

Medequip Announce Triple Success


We are proud to announce that we have, for the second time, retained our Derbyshire Community Equipment Service. The new service started in December and will potentially continue until 2023. Our Alfreton site was developed to accommodate the new contract and we are delighted that Derbyshire continues to be a major part of the Medequip Family.

Derby City

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have been awarded a new contract for Derby City. As well as a retention of our existing Community Equipment Service, the new contract also includes the provision of the Minor Adaptations Service and we are currently developing our new Derby City site at Haydock Park Road to accommodate this. We look forward to supporting the people of Derby City for another five years.


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract to provide the Community Equipment Service for Lancashire. Our Implementation Team will begin meetings in Lancashire after the Easter Break and the new service will go live at the end of June.

The contract represents a significant expansion of the Medequip Northern Region and we look forward to welcoming working with all of our new colleagues in Lancashire.


New Procurement Director at Medequip

Medequip are delighted to announce the appointment of Mike West as Procurement Director with effect from the 11th January.

Mike is an experienced director with considerable procurement, supply chain and logistics experience gained across a number of organisations latterly with Syngenta. Mike is based at our Heathrow Head Office and can be contacted by email on


Medequip are proud to support the AT Home campaign

AT Home [logo] The AT Home campaign is a collaboration amongst the 14 Local Authorities covering the West Midlands, supported by companies who operate in this market. The campaign aims to encourage people to think about how independent living and mobility equipment, also known as Assistive Technology, can help you, or someone you care for, to continue to live independently in a healthy and safe environment at home.

We’re asking everyone to think about independent living, but in particular people aged 50+ who are thinking about later life but might not have experienced any major daily living difficulties as yet.

Research has consistently confirmed that awareness of Assistive Technology is very low, held back by a combination of factors. A recent study led by Coventry University found that 60% of consumers questioned said that lack of awareness was a barrier to greater use/purchase of Assistive Technology. However the same research also found that 85% felt that the costs of purchasing were worth it given that it would make life easier*. This demonstrates that people are willing to consider paying, from their own pockets, for products and services, provided that they feel it will help.

In England almost a third of the population are aged 55+ and an estimated 4.7m people aged 65+ have a limiting longstanding illness that affects them in some way; this equates to 48% of all people aged 65+**. In many instances Assistive Technology, when used as part of a wider package, can help maintain independence, enabling people to live longer in their own familiar home surroundings, thereby potentially helping to avoid having to consider moving into specialist housing or a care home in later life.


Safety Health Environment & Quality

Medequip have a new Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ). Victoria Paffett has joined the company to lead the team who assist us in ensuring the highest standards are delivered by all our employees and compliance is inherent within our operating practices.

Vicki has previously worked for Biffa and Warwickshire County Council and is experienced in all aspects of SHEQ including ISO standards and accreditation.

Vicki is based at our Heathrow Head Office and may be contacted be email on


New Community Equipment Professionals Forum at Naidex National 2015

A new Community Equipment Professionals Forum will debut on 28 April at Naidex National 2015. Running alongside the annual exhibition, the summit provides a platform for community equipment professionals to explore the challenges and issues of delivering community equipment services within the context of the new care act.

The programme takes place on day one (28 April) in the meeting room adjacent to the show floor, between 11am and 2.30pm at Naidex National, the UK’s largest event for independent living which runs from 28 to 30 April at the NEC, Birmingham. For more details visit

Matthew Tingey, event director for Naidex, said: The community equipment sector is estimated at well over £300 million and given that Naidex is the only show that brings Public, Private and 3rd sectors organisations in assistive technology together we are delighted to add the community equipment debate to the content agenda this year.

Tingey added: The new care act is contributing toward more local authorities considering the move to tendering out community equipment services and this debate will be a part of debating the future for those providing services to local authorities and manufacturers supplying products alike.

Delegates from across the community equipment sector will be invited to attend the forum chaired by David Griffiths. The chief executive of Medequip will be joined by a panel of five industry experts to debate the current implementation of community equipment services.

Panelists confirmed to date include Helen Trousdale, commissioner for older people and market development at Staffordshire County Council and Debra Attwood - CES Commissioning Manager, Bedfordshire & Luton/Regional Chair NAEP.

The forum will discuss how to move the subject of community equipment services higher up the health and wellbeing board agenda. Topics discussed by the expert panel include why do many local authorities continue to operate their services, such as telecare and community equipment, separately?

Active participation from visitors is encouraged and delegates can take part in a Q&A session on issues raised in the debate. Specifically tailored for the sector’s challenges and concerns, the forum will provide an invaluable opportunity for community equipment professionals working in the sector to get up to speed with the latest developments.

The summit is a Naidex show highlight and will be run in association with key partners NRS and Medequip and Millbrook all key providers of community equipment services.

Visitors can also expect to find Naidex National’s popular conference programme at the event. The CPD-accredited Multidisciplinary Theatre will also showcase tailored content, on community equipment services, including the session ‘Home adaptations, Care Act and the Better Care Fund – time for revolution in delivery?’ delivered by Sue Adams OBE, chief executive, Care & Repair England. The dedicated conference programme runs over a number of theatres, including two theatres in the COT Zone delivered by the College of Occupational Therapists.

Naidex National, incorporating the Community Equipment Professionals Forum, runs from 28 to 30 April 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham. The summit will be held on 28 April from 11am to 2.30pm. The forum is open only to people who have pre-registered specifically for it for further information please visit . Entry to Naidex is free - for more information about Naidex National and to register your interest for a ticket, please visit


Medequip is first UK CES provider to achieve CECOPS Part 3

Medequip is proud to be the first UK Community Equipment Service provider to gain accreditation to CECOPS (the Community Equipment Code of Practice Scheme) Part 3, covering clinical and professional responsibilities.

The achievement demonstrates clearly that Medequip is supplying safe, good quality and efficient services, whilst enabling compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

David Griffiths, Managing Director at Medequip, stressed the importance of the achievement -

“Accreditation at Kirklees underlines the integrity and comprehensive range of our quality management system, operational on all sites for each of our CES contracts. We now have external validation that our clinical governance structure and processes meet and exceed the CECOPS specifications.”

Medequip’s drive to earn accredited status began in 2014, when the company won the contract to supply community equipment services (CES) to Kirklees Council in Yorkshire. It was a contractual target for Medequip to achieve CECOPS Part 3 accredited status within the first year; a visionary specification for Kirklees, which is now the first local authority in the UK to have been assessed to these new standards focused entirely on CES.

Medequip’s successful accreditation to CECOPS Part 3 has given commissioners in Kirklees the assurance that every element of our CES provision meets the necessary standards, - stated Stewart Horn, Leading Commissioner for Kirklees. In addition, the accrediting body professed themselves to be very impressed with the Medequip service.

The move demonstrates the increasing importance of the role CES plays in supporting hospital discharges, helping with growing clinical pressures by enabling people to return home and regain independence quickly and efficiently, with the right levels of assessment, equipment and support.

Medequip began work in Kirklees on 1 April 2014. Alongside embedding in the new CES contract and delivering optimum levels of performance for service users, the company has undergone an external validation process carried out by world leading certification body DNV GL, achieving CECOPS accreditation well within the timescale specified by Kirklees.

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